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Housing Choice Voucher
Click below for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program
Section 8 [approx. wait time: 12-24 months]: Open
Turner Apartments- Sneedville TN [approx. wait time: 18 months]: Open
Public Housing
Click below for information on our Public Housing program
Public Housing - Morristown TN [approx. wait time: 24 months; varies by size]: Open
Public Housing - White Pine TN (Surrett) [approx. wait time: 24 months): Open
Public Housing: Handicapped Accessible [approx. wait time: 24 months]: Open
Public Housing: Zero-bedroom (efficiency) [Single, 1-person occupancy ONLY. Select if you would like to be considered for this size.]: Open
Davy Crockett (N. James Street): Closed
If you are unsure which housing program is right for you, use the links on this page to review the program descriptions before beginning your application. Applicants may apply for Public Housing, Section 8 or BOTH. Public Housing applicants will be considered for first available.(Preferred areas will be considered but NOT guaranteed.) Public Housing applicants requiring a handicapped-accessible unit should select the appropriate waiting list to make that request. [Please do not use CAPS LOCK when entering information. Sentence format is preferred.]

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